The Ministry of Trade and Industry administers the business registration system since September 13, 2001. Based on provisions of Regulation 2001/6 and Administrative Order 2002/22 has been established the Kosovo Registry of Business Organizations and Trade Names.

Registration office is opened officially on November 11, 2002 as an Independent Executive Agency within the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This office has received first applications from March 13, 2003 when it ceased receiving documents for temporary registration.


Business Registration Agency carries out the registration of all business organisations and foreign business organization in accordance wit the Law No.02/L-123 on Business Organisations and the Law No.04/L-006 amending and supplementing of the applicable Law on Business Organizations, provides information and cooperates with the Statistical Office, Tax Administration, Customs, Police Service and other Agencies.


Kosovo Business Registration Agency opened the Pledge Office on 01.07.2008 based on the Regulation 2001/32 and Regulation 2001/5 on Pledge.