Pledge Sector




Pledge Registration Sector operates within the Kosovo Business Registration Agency at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

This sector carries out pledge registration in accordance with the Law No. 04/L-136 On The Registration Of a Pledge In The Registry Of Movable Property, Administrative and the Administrative Direction , No. ...On Defining Fees for Registration and Other Services Provided by Pledge Sector.


The sector is responsible for receiving and archiving of data regarding the pledge of movable property and for providing the opportunity to the public to search pledges and to update all relevant records.

The purpose of this sector is to facilitate and encourage insured financing for movable property and to achieve an effective protection of crediting process.


Registration of the Pledge is made electronically, without any restrictions on the registration of the pledge. This office is open to all interested natural and legal persons. All Banking and Microfinance Institutions, Lawyes, Notaries, Leasing Companies and State Institucions have access to electronic pledge registration.

The link to the Pledge Registry system PRS is e-Registry Pledge is located at


This sector will contribute towards fulfilling our objectives, as well as developing a more attractive environment for businesses, aiming at registering movable property, respectively the pledge and developing a balance in the credit market in our country.